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I never knew Meryl Streep beautiful

I watch many movies with her in them, but never knew she looks beautiful. How can you see an actor as a beauty when she's so damn good; the character remains in memory, not the actor? You read credits, you read her name,  and realize, say Ms Streep is great; although you dont remember Ms Streep, you remember her character in the movie.

Some good actors, you watch their technique and enjoy. I tried that with her, always get lost and find I'm in the movie. She's a magician; she misdirects you into the movie with her talent.

I saw a picture of her today, not outtake from a movie, not a celebrity shot, and she only has the makeup her ma and pa gave her.

She's drop
down fine.

Afraid that revelation spoil her movies for me I watched Music of the Heart and
The Iron Lady and became aware of her only while I read the credits.

She possesses or characters possess her so precisely you dont see her beauty, but the character's.

I have that one picture of you, Ms Steep so I know you're fine.  Fine, with talent, smart, sexy, but you dont show you in movies.

I got the evidence. I got one picture.


New world wimps U S A

9/11 unleashed our inner wimp, exposed us as whimpering weak brained sissies.

Life ain't no safe existence. We know it. We born we may die, or suffer pain  any time place.

Terrorists killed trey plus thousands in New York, and they killed our brains a bit. I lapse
into the trope WE OUR US et cetera. My brain wasn't burnt September 11, 2001. It was terrible. Saddened by the events but they did not bloody my daily life, Leave a trembling wimp in their wake.

Individual responsibility informs my life that I must prepare for emergencies. I carry a small emergency kit in an Otter box; it contains fishing gear, way to make fire, et cetera, and a small Spyderco knife - a Ladybug Salt. I carry a Pacific Salt too. I use the knives daily, tools not weapons.

Americans so crazy scared they ban knives from most places. Existence forbid an emergency occurs,I
won't have a necessary tool. Pocket knives 4 inches and fewer allow most places except schools.

We see terrorists under our bed wetting, our neighbors; we allow the government to intrude unconstitutionally in our lives.

Know all terrorist attacks can't get stopped. You're more likely to die from accident in a car or falling in bathtub. So stop the unwarranted searches and wire tapping; so stop the morbid fear of all sharp objects.  You are crazy and may crazy me.

We do not live in the land
of the free; we live in the police state we made to react to 9 11
2001. We ignorant; we stupid; we crazed.

Stop celebrations of 9 / 11 stop celebrations of death. Celebrate life, live within our Constitution, and require government too. Stop the neurotic exclusion of too many sharp object such as tweezers, small pocket knives., scissors, unless you go all way, completely crazed ban pencils, pens, books (hardback"s sharp rigid corners), belts, toothpicks,  fists and open hand so martial arts folk can't maim and kill.

Exclude dangerous folk not what some paranoid further maimed by the terrorist victory 9/11imagines some human may fancy a weapon. Someday only sedated naked folk we may allow out abroad, a road we have taken.


If dead is non existence

If dead is non existence, then we were dead twice: once before conception; once after we die. 

Enjoy this short time; it's fun, even the bad times are fun.

I'm either profound or silly.

I like the sound of my own sillybles.

Politics begins in the body, its rights,
deity given, supernatural, or natural, according to your personal beliefs.

The result the same, there are rights each individual possesses. No one or aggregate  may rescind these rights.

No woman can, even a majority of women, can righteously deny these rights to the individual woman.
That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow.

Good politics may call this statement of Hillel its ancestor.

I prefer silly.

(I am not a feminist, but have this lingo logic. Man is in the word woman, woman is not in man. Seems logical to use woman for human kind. That’s political too, but not feminist. I use actor for women and men in that profession.)


Rhyme reasons

Rhyme, patterns of sound correspondences, with which you compose poems much the same way music composers craft songs.

True rhyme, good wood could.

consonance, good god giddy,
wed bid sad, witty letters bait.

assonance,  late shade bakes, vocal loads boat.

Alliteration, “The Force that through the green fuse drives the flower,”
Summer sunset inside.

Write five hundred lines quickly, without the application of too much conscious thought, in which you mix the above types of rhyme.
Rhyme is only on accented syllables, but don't worry too much about this now. Soon.

Then do the same tomorrow.

The next day.

Do this for two weeks.

Do not try to make sense, just make sound paragraphs.


Some music please

Forget what you were taught about poem making in grade school, middle school, high school, undergrad, and grad school, unless you had a teacher who actually knew that it is a craft.

What you will read here is not original, not my ideas, they are the practice of previous masters and practitioners of the craft. Two sources in particular I will rob from and I recommend that you acquire copies of each.

Historical Manual of English Prosody
George Saintsbury

The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics, Third edition, University Press of New England, 2000. Lewis Turco

Saintsbury is the Samuelson, the Darwin, the Einstein of prosody. His work is descriptive not prescriptive; he documents the practice of poem makers through the centuries. It is not necessary for poets to read, but it can’t hurt. It is necessary for scholars, prosodists, and those in the craft who teach to read it. The Book of Forms is the best handbook for a poet. Most of the others are filled with misinformation.

The context here is always the Anglo American tradition unless I specify a different tradition.

You have heard teachers say poetry and prose. They put a genre with a mode because of their profound ignorance.

There are two modes in which you can write, prose and verse. Prose is unmetered and verse is metered. If you want to offer spurious arguments with this I suggest that you don’t read this blog. If you want to learn something about your craft continue.

The genres are novel, play, essay, and poem. Poem is different in that music is the important focus not the tell a good story of novel, dramatize a good story as in play, or explaining or describing as in essay. Although a poem may do some or all of these, its focus is playing music.

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Val Avery

I saw Val Avery during the fifties and sixties on the television shows my family watched. Then later I saw him in movies, some good, some great, and some movies not so good, but he always gave a notable performance. He appeared on The Mod Squad, Naked City, Peter Gunn, The Circle Theater, the venerable Hallmark Hall of Fame, Have Gun Will Travel, Tales of Wells Fargo, and Gunsmoke. I saw more productions with him in them than any of the stars during my youth, and that was my introduction to him one afternoon in the Head. He was neighborhood, a guy, friendly, and humane - funny too.

He was among my favorite notables from the first and second cohorts of the Head.

Even after the Lion's Head died for the last time, I saw Val occasionally through the years.

I still see him on television. If there was a search function on cable to search by actor, there would every day probably be a series or movie with Val Avery. I will miss him, and not miss him unless cable dies.

He is my favorite character actor.

He is my favorite actor.

He was a nice, friendly man who could play a thug. His humanity was gangster. Yep.