"doubt belief"


I may not be overjoyed.

I may not be overjoyed.

I may not be overjoyed to tell the American folk that, no joke, I told you so; they will experience the ills of living through another George W. Bush presidency. I sometimes believe that the American people are stupid, yet that does not explain them. They have a problem creating an event-scape, the consequences, implications, from premises, philosophies, and decisions. They have to actually experience the consequences. Wise folk learn from the experiences of others. Examine the rise of Nazism and Fascism in Europe during the thirties. When they experience life in a far rightwing America, that elevates the privileges of the rich and corporations above those of individuals, that will piss them off; although my reading of history indicates that they may go too far in the other direction. Politics may jump left, right, and not rest in the moderate where sane, rational folk wish to live.

Lesson of FDR

The rightwing did not learn the lesson that Franklin D. Roosevelt learned. Remember the period? The country was suffering economically, especially the little gal and guy; the country had evolving and growing populist and socialist movements; capitalism was in danger. President Roosevelt proposed measures that would relieve the suffering of the ordinary folk, thus blunting the appeal of populism and socialism. He saved capitalism from the excesses of capitalists and from those social forces and ideologies which could have overthrown it. It is in the best interests of capitalists, of big business, to restrain their jungle instincts and share the largess that capitalism when practiced by enlightened folk will create. Don't they realize that Americans will pull them down when the burdens imposed by their influence on legislators become too much? If they don't they are doomed. Americans eventually think and feel the right and moral. It bothers me that I must suffer until they wake.