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Val Avery

I saw Val Avery during the fifties and sixties on the television shows my family watched. Then later I saw him in movies, some good, some great, and some movies not so good, but he always gave a notable performance. He appeared on The Mod Squad, Naked City, Peter Gunn, The Circle Theater, the venerable Hallmark Hall of Fame, Have Gun Will Travel, Tales of Wells Fargo, and Gunsmoke. I saw more productions with him in them than any of the stars during my youth, and that was my introduction to him one afternoon in the Head. He was neighborhood, a guy, friendly, and humane - funny too.

He was among my favorite notables from the first and second cohorts of the Head.

Even after the Lion's Head died for the last time, I saw Val occasionally through the years.

I still see him on television. If there was a search function on cable to search by actor, there would every day probably be a series or movie with Val Avery. I will miss him, and not miss him unless cable dies.

He is my favorite character actor.

He is my favorite actor.

He was a nice, friendly man who could play a thug. His humanity was gangster. Yep.


What do we do?

What do we do with the people who use their wealth, power, and their desire for more wealth to thwart our efforts to solve the climate change problem?

What do we do when the world's populations are suffering and dying?

Do we confiscate their wealth to give aid to the millions, maybe billions, that suffer the consequences of greedy power monger's human action.?

Or do we take something of greater value?

Humane Society's IHOP campaign

IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, in Huntsville, Alabama is my favorite eating place. I meet friends there. One friend and I usually eat there together once a month. The waiters are friendly and competent; the manager always ready to right any mistake in a friendly, homespun manner. I have a habit of eating one item, the same item each time. I order the spinach omelet; of course, you get pancakes. Their coffee is okay. This is a good evaluation from someone who grinds his own beans and makes coffee in a French Press at home. I drink my coffee black no sweetener.

Now I have the knowledge from many sources, including Bill Maher who I respect, that IHOP gets its eggs from a source that crowds the hens into tiny filthy space shared with other hens. That the conditions are dirty and cramped is asserted by the Humane Society. They back their assertions with facts.

I have a personal relationship with an Ihop here in Huntsville, Alabama; they are friendly an respectful to me and my friends.
I called the IHOP customer line -
866-444-5144 -
this morning to state my concerns and hope that they would switch to eggs from cage free hens. The woman who answered, though not belligerent, was adversarial. She stated that experts disagreed on how livestock was to be treated. She had not had her coffee this morn.

I am upset mainly for the inconvenience. I have to find another coffee shop to eat out in.

Visit the Humane Society's computers for more information.

Understand, it is not only the humane treatment of the egg laying hens; dirty conditions introduce the possibility of disease. I want to eat in a place where the sources of livestock are clean and humane. I don't want to worry about possible poisoning.

Call them and protest if you agree.

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Internet Office - Personal View

SeaMonkey, my default internet application, has browser, email client, html composer, and address book in one application.  It, with the other Gecko browsers, K-Meleon, Flock (social network browser), and Firefox, each with home pages of research or interest catergories, along with Internet Explorer, Jarte word processor, WordWeb dictionary, Mobysaurus thesaurus, convert, Foxit Reader (lightweight replacement for Adobe Acrobat Reader), Kompozer (html processor), Mozilla Sunbird calendar, Password safe (encrypted password database), PDFCreator (virtual pdf printer), Say the Time (talking clock), calculator (one that's native to Windows), FriedBabelfish (language translator), and Phonetic are the office applications on my hard drive.  
Jarte has buttons and links that open reference applications on the internet and on my computer. For example the button for dictionary opens K-Meleon browser; its homepage an online dictionary. I have configured buttons and links in Jarte to open reference sources from law to World Factbook of the CIA on the internet and on my hard drive.

Press Control and right click a word in the Jarte word processor, web page, or any text application and WordWeb springs forth with its definition. WordWeb has an internal browser to connect to online dictionaries; it also has a link to open Mobysaurus.

SeaMonkey supports multiple homepages. I chose my four blogs and Google search:   
http://home.comcast.net/~xyxx1/site/?/blog/ as the home pages.

SeaMonkey has built in Spam Filter, similar to Thunderbird's, Translate Page,  Cookie Manager, Image Manager, Popup Manager, Password Manager, and Add on Manager; further enhancements are added with extensions such as Session Manager, Cert Viewer Plus, IE View, Scribefire, NoScript, and BetterPrivacy. These are the ones I chose for my way of work.

The add-on Scribefire, a full featured blog editor, makes is easy to post to blogs. BetterPrivacy manages Flash cookies which can hold more information than regular cookies and most folk don't know about them. Some sites use them to track you on the internet. BetterPrivacy is available for Firefox and Flock. Flock can use some Firefox extensions.

I get email from multiple boxes, twelve,  into SeaMonkey mail, so that they seem only one. Two are personal boxes, one for kin, kith, and friends, and the other for personal business, and they get no spam; two are public, the only ones that get significant spam, but are heavily defended. The others are for tech publications, literary, and other categories -  very little spam.
I carry with an office on an usb drive when I travel; it has portable 7-Zip, ClamWin antivirus, convert (converts units of measure), FileAssasin (deletes difficult files), Google Chrome browser, Jarte word processor, Password Safe (encrypted database of passwords), ProcessExplorer, RootkitRevealer (rootkit detector), SeaMonkey, SpyDLLRemover (spyware detector), and TCPView (reveals internet processes).

I carry a second usb drive with antispyware, anti rootkit, antivirus, and system  and internet utilities. I use a third for storage; although I plan to install some Linux flavor operating system on it someday for its enhanced security.

My mobile phone has a browser. I  check email, search, and browse during travel;  I send text messages and image messages.

There is no need to clog my hard drive with applications; the internet is my office,  with file cabinet. It works at home and when I travel. 

I await a SeaMonkey Mini for my phone. I use Opera Mini now.   

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Single Payer

Single Payer

Private insurers will lose market control and enormous profits, so they deploy lies to thwart a public plan, especially a non profit government single payer plan. They argue that it leads to socialism.

Socialism, the people own, through the instrument of government, ALL businesses and services. No private fire, sanitation, security, or healthcare in socialism. No private services or businesses in socialism.

Services are not socialist, capitalist, monarchal, or any ideology of government. Services are not ideological even when the government is the single payer.

Law enforcement in our capitalist economy is a single payer service, yet we do not forbid private detective and security firms. Sanitation another service in which government is the single payer, but we have private sanitation firms. So with fire, the government is the single payer.

Is the single payer police service socialist? Fire? Sanitation?

If single payer government run healthcare is socialist, then police, sanitation, and fire government run services are also socialist.

Too many for profit private insurers divert money from payment of claims, research, and preventive care to pay their investors dividends, for ads, high salaries for executives, and lobbyists to influence congress folk to pass laws favorable for them. Some private insurers reject or delay payment of claims to increase their profits. Many do not cover prior medical conditions.

A government run non profit single payer plan will use most  of its income for research, preventive care, and claims. It will cover prior conditions. These are the dividends paid to the American public.

I have Medicare, a government run single payer plan, and a Medicare Supplement plan, a private business run plan that enhances the Medicare. Public and private coexist and complement.

I am a libertarian.



I left the Republican Party, BUT

I left the Republican Party the last presidential election, but an ex wife says that I should remain a Republican because the party needs another mensch. So I may remain in the party, but only support true libertarians like Ron Paul and true conservatives like Colin Powell (yes, Colin Powell.). Before I decide I have to talk to Ron Paul and Colin Powell.

The Democrats have their problems too. Representative Parker Griffith has been bought by the pharmaceutical companies I figure. He has no desire to support a public option, and definitely not a single payer system.

Most conservatives, so called conservatives, save Morning Joe, Brooks, and a few others are really a holes and that is polite.

Forgive this sparse response. See this space next week.


DNA and Innocence


Prisoner have no constitutional right to DNA testing that might prove their innocence, the Supreme Court ruled….


I hope that all states allow dna testing in spite of this decision.

Chief Justice John G.Roberts Jr., and Justices Samuel A. Alito Jr., Anthony M. Kennedy, and Clarence Thomas have no claim to belief in rule of law, the higher law all reasonable humans must aspire to. No innocent should languish in prison if there is proof of innocence.

I close my ears to the 5 unJustices who are in the majority. I do not respect them. I will not respect their decisions. I will not obey their decisions unless they are just. I will disobey their unconstitutional, unjust, unfair decisions.
I believe that this is an attack on President Obama and the American people.



I watch the vote in the House

I watch the vote in the House on the money bills and I am piddled off at the Republicans House members who call for votes and re votes on each amendment. They obstruct the process because of pique.

I remember how they behaved when in power. Maybe you do too. Write, call, or fax your representatives and tell them to stop it! Republicans in the House are silly; it would limn them as funny, except that they are obstructing the public business. Remember their tactics when next they are up for election.

Remember the obstructionists.

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music model

I'm not one of the techno freaks who has to have a music system so sensitive, and expensive, that it faithfully replicates live; although I can only know this with diagnostic devices, more expense, because g-d didn't calibrate my ears to detect the minute differences. I like live. I like live concerts. I don't have to make the choice now between buying expensive music and get psssd off because I can't play it on my computer, or car player, portable player, et cetera or going to concerts. I can buy the one song, or two or three songs I like, and still afford to see the act live. I will be so piddled off at the record label and the act (misdirected I know).
I have on cd just about all of the music I like prior to 1990. I notice that the farther back I check the more songs on cds and albums I like.

Great White's "Great White" album has only one song I like and it is the only that they didn't write. Great White has only one song worth listening to and that datum surprised my first cousin even so.

Some groups after awhile stopped appearing live. It is too much work to please live bodies.

Members of the Grateful Dead became millionaires. They gave free concerts, provided connections so that dead heads could record the concerts, and I don't believe any would support DRM.

I like live. BUT when a friend shares a song from a group I ask for the download link. I invariably end up buying other songs. My friend and I do not share identical tastes; close, maybe, but not identical. I agree with your final conclusion to a point.

Note this. Musicians do not need record companies. The record companies know this and fought the losing battle so that they could stay in the loop. Why should a group go through a record company nowadays. The next, here now, agency in the new economic model is the concert promoter.

They produce live.

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Senator Dodd, please propose a non profit National Health Care Cooperative

Senator Dodd, please propose a non profit National Health Care Cooperative as the single payer system; one which American citizens and permanent residents may voluntarily join. Or they may choose a for profit health care plan or HMO. My second choice would be a government run single payer system. In the choice of government bureaucrats or corporate bureaucrats, with profits on the brain, I choose the government one.  A doctor can practice as a capitalist, and so can hospitals, other medical practitioners, but they get paid by a single payer system. If some folk want a non single payer system, with higher premiums and profit driven corporate bureaucrats deciding whether a procedure is covered they are free to join one.

Would a single payer system constitute unfair competition? Yeah! Do I care? No. We have the government as single payer for law enforcement, fire departments, and sanitation services. Why not for health care. 




self evident truths

There are some self evident truths, some minor ones, yet common sense, sense which does not seem so common, at least around here in the U. S. of A.

We already have term limits. 

We have elections, recall elections, and special elections. And we have impeachment. You want to avoid work and wreck a good system with automatic term limits; they throw out good office holders along with the bad..

Put marriage out of government and in religious institutions. Government may offer civil unions for folk who only want a contract to share their legal lives together.
Religion can have marriage with the legal rights and benefits ripped out of it. Synagogues, churches, mosques, and meeting halls can determine who can marry.
Keep government and religion separate: the mix bonks up both.

Learn how to discern turds out of the mouths of politicians.

Do you want government bureaucrats interposed between you and your doctor? Sounds good as an argument against a single payer government health care system, doesn't it? No, when you realize that private health care corporations interpose corporate bureaucrats, lawyers and clerks, between you and your doctor. The corporate bureaucrats consider profit in their considerations.

A government run single payer system is less expensive, covers more folk, and simplifies the paperwork.

How can a profit driven health industry save more money than a non profit government or non profit private health care system?

"In their first quarter reporting for 2009, these five trade associations have reported  nearly $18 million in lobbying expenditures."

"PhRMA     $6,910,000
American Medical Assn     $4,355,000
American Hospital Assn     $4,237,176
America’s Health Insurance Plans     $2,030,000
Advanced Medical Technology Assn     $364,638"

And you wonder why you scrape and save but still cannot move up the economic ladder.

In a single payer system the medical personnel, doctors, nurses, and techs would still be private. They would have one set of forms to fill, not the dozens from several dozen plans. Money would be saved that way.

Please go study socialism. A single payer government system is not socialism. The private hospitals, doctors, nurses, specialties, and med techs would remain private; they would get paid from a single source. That single source could use its negotiating power to save money for you.

If a single payer system is socialism, then your fire department is socialist; they get paid from a single source, you, me, and the other taxpayers.

Go to the internet search for the salaries of the management of health care corporations, see their administrative budget, and how much that they spend for ads and lobbying. See the claims that they refuse! Now you know why a single payer system is better for you.

The single payer health care system could be government run or a not for profit health care cooperative.

Either way is better than the profit model.


Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham parses the use of torture and the opinions that led to the acceptance of torture as proper methods to use in a spurious manner. First, to answer Senator Graham, the effectiveness of torture does not increase its morality one jot or tittle; second, torture's effectiveness does not make it legal or constitutional. The question of whether the writers of the opinions justifying torture gave unethical or immoral advisories is not fraught with ambiguity. The answer is Yes. They gave the wrong advice; they gave unethical advice; they gave illegal advice; they gave unconstitutional advice: it was immoral advice. Senator Graham says that they were good men who sought to protect us from harm, and their zeal over stepped. No, they were bad. It was not yours truly offering an opinion as a citizen. These were government officials whose opinions were translated into acts by other government agents; these opinions were accepted as 'law.' If these acts had not been committed and condoned, even encouraged, then the opinions might not require scrutiny by the Department of Justice. These opinions became policy: immoral and unconstitutional policy.

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I sent an email to the United States Department of Justice today to ask questions that I have not seen or heard much,  if any, discussion about. 

Hash: SHA256


Dear Sir or Madam:

I have checked all the lists of detainees released from Guantanamo alleged to have returned to the battlefield. Whether the lists are valid or not is not my concern for the moment.

How many of the released detainees were actually Al-Qaeda members at the time of their capture? My follow up:  How many were radicalized by the treatment they received during their captivity? Did our treatment of some of the detainees produce new radicals for Al-Qaeda?

I believe that the discussion of the implications of my questions should be part of the public discussion.

Do I need to file a Freedom of Information Act request for this

Yours Truly,

Thomas Elias Weatherly

Email: eliyahuman@comcast.net

Version: PGP Desktop 9.10.0 (Build 500)
Comment: Plan the difficult while it is easy. Lao-tse
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How You Can Annoy Me

I am an advocate of American English usage evolving; although I have been complicit in its evolution, I confess, I am also an advocate of clarity, in not confusing folk with the blur of legit semantic distinctions.

I listen to news folk blur the distinction between "less" and "fewer" every day. Just today I heard a newsman say, "less people ...." He meant "fewer people...." Fewer is for individual items and less for quantity: fewer hailstones fell; less hail fell.

Many folk do not apparently believe that distinction is important, but I am not smart enough to know what they really mean.


Security at Home with XP Pro

My main computer runs XP Professional, SP 3, with 768 MB RAM, on a 120 GB hard drive. I am connected through a network behind a Linksys router. These are the security applications that I use and recommend. I include defence, encryption, enquiry (programs to obtain information about my system and internet), and backup as 'defence.'

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Version 4.0.417.0
gmer.exe Version*
IceSword Application Version 1, 2, 2, 0*
Online Armor Premium Version
Rootkit Unhooker 37300509.exe Version 3.7.300.503*
RootkitRevealer 1.7*
Sandboxie Version 3.34+
SpywareBlaster-AutoUpdate Version 4.01+
Trojan Remover Version 6.7.4
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware*
SUPERAntiSpyware +

Password Safe Version 3, 12, 0, 1922*
PGP Version 9.8.3 (Build 4028)
Thawte Freemail certificates*

autoruns v9.35*
IPaddress Version 2.00.0006*
Port Explorer
Process Explorer*
Belarc Advisor Version 7.2*

ERUNT - ERUNT AutoBackup*
MozyHome Remote Backup Version 1,8,6,0

+paidware and freeware versions

These may be found with a Google search.


Catholic Bishops Should Be Discreet

Catholic bishops should be discreet in attempts to influence politicians, judges, and others in public policy positions, especially in the use of withholding communion or excommunication. You do not communicate privately or publicly what happens in the confessional; you should not say publicly when you advise a politician that their stand on a public policy issue is against Catholic doctrine. Your public declarations about a politician's public policy positions evokes from me an almost automatic closer examination of a Catholic politicians statements and votes.

I remember several years ago when one of the New York City bishops made statements about politicians who did not follow the Catholic, many Catholic politicians, left and right, Democrats and Republicans, said in essence, shut up. I believe that Catholic bishops now should shut up in public; although I allow that they may express their disapproval in private. My rabbi, a personal friend, gives me his opinion of my opinions in private. I am not a politician, even in an appointive position. He would have the right to criticize me in public. He definitely would not criticize a Jewish politician in public; he does firmly advise them in private. He does it vigorously. That is what I am saying to the Catholic bishops. I don't want the image that the Bishop of Rome dictates our public policy, especially in public.


Torture ignore or prosecute?

The Justice Department should investigate thoroughly allegations of torture by American officials and operatives, but, as in cities, counties, states, and the federal government the prosecutors have precedent to decide who to prosecute. They may to further evidence gathering offer immunity to suspects. I would recommend this to most, if not all, C.I.A. operatives; in addition, admonish them for their misguided attitudes and illegal acts. I believe that if anyone is indicted it should be the few top civilian leaders in the Defense Department, the political appointees in the C.I.A., in the White House and such. The career people in the C.I.A. and other intelligence agencies should be given a lecture on the U.S.Constitution (Senator Byrd would be ideal for this.) and how to do their jobs in a constitutional republic, unless a death or severe injury occurred.

I, personally, would be satisfied with only the indictment of Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice if the evidence warrants.

Some folk who watch 24 (I love the program.) do not perceive an important fact; Jack Bower does not ever say that U.S. Law should ever condone or allow torture. He simply makes the private and personal decision to do it and has expressed that he is willing to accept the legal consequences.

If I was ever in that situation, when I knew that this person had the requisite information I would threaten, then maybe torture. After I would surrender to the U.S.Attorney for arrest, indictment, and trial with a possible guilty verdict and imprisonment. Ever hear of jury nullification? If I obtained useful information the jury may just say, Not guilty. If not I may go to prison as I should.

Jack Bower does not in his fictional world ever say that the law should condone torture; he says that sometimes an individual should break the rules and accept the consequences.

A jury may or may not see a greater good.

No law enforcement officials, intelligence officials, any executive, judicial, or legislative bodies in the United States of America, or citizen, ever say that torture is legal or condoned or tolerated. Any person suspected of torture takes their chances under the law as any other criminal suspect, with presumption of innocence, right to counsel, and a fair trial. Can it be any other way in this country and we still say we are a free people?


Security for XP

Earlier blog entry I gave security I believed best. I haunted online forums, read a lot, and listened to expert friends and amend and change that advice. Eight sites will give guidelines and programs to secure XP (and vista, dog, too.).
Checklist for Securing XP Systems

Black Viper tells which services to disable, set manual, or set automatic

Optimize XP

Gizmo's Tech Support Alert for freeware

Below the best paidware antivirus and firewall:


Online Armor (three versions: freeware and paidware)

Additional Security:

Sandboxie has paidware and freeware versions.


Follow the advice and use the programs recommend by the sites or the four last listed, plus safe hex, and keep XP and all other programs updated. Use Mozilla Firefox browser (with NoScript, Refcontrol, and CSLite Addons) and Mozilla Thunderbird email client (with Allow HTML Temp and Addblock Plus Addons).