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Security for XP

Earlier blog entry I gave security I believed best. I haunted online forums, read a lot, and listened to expert friends and amend and change that advice. Eight sites will give guidelines and programs to secure XP (and vista, dog, too.).
Checklist for Securing XP Systems

Black Viper tells which services to disable, set manual, or set automatic

Optimize XP

Gizmo's Tech Support Alert for freeware

Below the best paidware antivirus and firewall:


Online Armor (three versions: freeware and paidware)

Additional Security:

Sandboxie has paidware and freeware versions.


Follow the advice and use the programs recommend by the sites or the four last listed, plus safe hex, and keep XP and all other programs updated. Use Mozilla Firefox browser (with NoScript, Refcontrol, and CSLite Addons) and Mozilla Thunderbird email client (with Allow HTML Temp and Addblock Plus Addons).


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