"doubt belief"


self evident truths

There are some self evident truths, some minor ones, yet common sense, sense which does not seem so common, at least around here in the U. S. of A.

We already have term limits. 

We have elections, recall elections, and special elections. And we have impeachment. You want to avoid work and wreck a good system with automatic term limits; they throw out good office holders along with the bad..

Put marriage out of government and in religious institutions. Government may offer civil unions for folk who only want a contract to share their legal lives together.
Religion can have marriage with the legal rights and benefits ripped out of it. Synagogues, churches, mosques, and meeting halls can determine who can marry.
Keep government and religion separate: the mix bonks up both.

Learn how to discern turds out of the mouths of politicians.

Do you want government bureaucrats interposed between you and your doctor? Sounds good as an argument against a single payer government health care system, doesn't it? No, when you realize that private health care corporations interpose corporate bureaucrats, lawyers and clerks, between you and your doctor. The corporate bureaucrats consider profit in their considerations.

A government run single payer system is less expensive, covers more folk, and simplifies the paperwork.

How can a profit driven health industry save more money than a non profit government or non profit private health care system?

"In their first quarter reporting for 2009, these five trade associations have reported  nearly $18 million in lobbying expenditures."

"PhRMA     $6,910,000
American Medical Assn     $4,355,000
American Hospital Assn     $4,237,176
America’s Health Insurance Plans     $2,030,000
Advanced Medical Technology Assn     $364,638"

And you wonder why you scrape and save but still cannot move up the economic ladder.

In a single payer system the medical personnel, doctors, nurses, and techs would still be private. They would have one set of forms to fill, not the dozens from several dozen plans. Money would be saved that way.

Please go study socialism. A single payer government system is not socialism. The private hospitals, doctors, nurses, specialties, and med techs would remain private; they would get paid from a single source. That single source could use its negotiating power to save money for you.

If a single payer system is socialism, then your fire department is socialist; they get paid from a single source, you, me, and the other taxpayers.

Go to the internet search for the salaries of the management of health care corporations, see their administrative budget, and how much that they spend for ads and lobbying. See the claims that they refuse! Now you know why a single payer system is better for you.

The single payer health care system could be government run or a not for profit health care cooperative.

Either way is better than the profit model.

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