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DNA and Innocence


Prisoner have no constitutional right to DNA testing that might prove their innocence, the Supreme Court ruled….


I hope that all states allow dna testing in spite of this decision.

Chief Justice John G.Roberts Jr., and Justices Samuel A. Alito Jr., Anthony M. Kennedy, and Clarence Thomas have no claim to belief in rule of law, the higher law all reasonable humans must aspire to. No innocent should languish in prison if there is proof of innocence.

I close my ears to the 5 unJustices who are in the majority. I do not respect them. I will not respect their decisions. I will not obey their decisions unless they are just. I will disobey their unconstitutional, unjust, unfair decisions.
I believe that this is an attack on President Obama and the American people.



I watch the vote in the House

I watch the vote in the House on the money bills and I am piddled off at the Republicans House members who call for votes and re votes on each amendment. They obstruct the process because of pique.

I remember how they behaved when in power. Maybe you do too. Write, call, or fax your representatives and tell them to stop it! Republicans in the House are silly; it would limn them as funny, except that they are obstructing the public business. Remember their tactics when next they are up for election.

Remember the obstructionists.

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music model

I'm not one of the techno freaks who has to have a music system so sensitive, and expensive, that it faithfully replicates live; although I can only know this with diagnostic devices, more expense, because g-d didn't calibrate my ears to detect the minute differences. I like live. I like live concerts. I don't have to make the choice now between buying expensive music and get psssd off because I can't play it on my computer, or car player, portable player, et cetera or going to concerts. I can buy the one song, or two or three songs I like, and still afford to see the act live. I will be so piddled off at the record label and the act (misdirected I know).
I have on cd just about all of the music I like prior to 1990. I notice that the farther back I check the more songs on cds and albums I like.

Great White's "Great White" album has only one song I like and it is the only that they didn't write. Great White has only one song worth listening to and that datum surprised my first cousin even so.

Some groups after awhile stopped appearing live. It is too much work to please live bodies.

Members of the Grateful Dead became millionaires. They gave free concerts, provided connections so that dead heads could record the concerts, and I don't believe any would support DRM.

I like live. BUT when a friend shares a song from a group I ask for the download link. I invariably end up buying other songs. My friend and I do not share identical tastes; close, maybe, but not identical. I agree with your final conclusion to a point.

Note this. Musicians do not need record companies. The record companies know this and fought the losing battle so that they could stay in the loop. Why should a group go through a record company nowadays. The next, here now, agency in the new economic model is the concert promoter.

They produce live.

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Senator Dodd, please propose a non profit National Health Care Cooperative

Senator Dodd, please propose a non profit National Health Care Cooperative as the single payer system; one which American citizens and permanent residents may voluntarily join. Or they may choose a for profit health care plan or HMO. My second choice would be a government run single payer system. In the choice of government bureaucrats or corporate bureaucrats, with profits on the brain, I choose the government one.  A doctor can practice as a capitalist, and so can hospitals, other medical practitioners, but they get paid by a single payer system. If some folk want a non single payer system, with higher premiums and profit driven corporate bureaucrats deciding whether a procedure is covered they are free to join one.

Would a single payer system constitute unfair competition? Yeah! Do I care? No. We have the government as single payer for law enforcement, fire departments, and sanitation services. Why not for health care.