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Single Payer

Single Payer

Private insurers will lose market control and enormous profits, so they deploy lies to thwart a public plan, especially a non profit government single payer plan. They argue that it leads to socialism.

Socialism, the people own, through the instrument of government, ALL businesses and services. No private fire, sanitation, security, or healthcare in socialism. No private services or businesses in socialism.

Services are not socialist, capitalist, monarchal, or any ideology of government. Services are not ideological even when the government is the single payer.

Law enforcement in our capitalist economy is a single payer service, yet we do not forbid private detective and security firms. Sanitation another service in which government is the single payer, but we have private sanitation firms. So with fire, the government is the single payer.

Is the single payer police service socialist? Fire? Sanitation?

If single payer government run healthcare is socialist, then police, sanitation, and fire government run services are also socialist.

Too many for profit private insurers divert money from payment of claims, research, and preventive care to pay their investors dividends, for ads, high salaries for executives, and lobbyists to influence congress folk to pass laws favorable for them. Some private insurers reject or delay payment of claims to increase their profits. Many do not cover prior medical conditions.

A government run non profit single payer plan will use most  of its income for research, preventive care, and claims. It will cover prior conditions. These are the dividends paid to the American public.

I have Medicare, a government run single payer plan, and a Medicare Supplement plan, a private business run plan that enhances the Medicare. Public and private coexist and complement.

I am a libertarian.


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