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Internet Office - Personal View

SeaMonkey, my default internet application, has browser, email client, html composer, and address book in one application.  It, with the other Gecko browsers, K-Meleon, Flock (social network browser), and Firefox, each with home pages of research or interest catergories, along with Internet Explorer, Jarte word processor, WordWeb dictionary, Mobysaurus thesaurus, convert, Foxit Reader (lightweight replacement for Adobe Acrobat Reader), Kompozer (html processor), Mozilla Sunbird calendar, Password safe (encrypted password database), PDFCreator (virtual pdf printer), Say the Time (talking clock), calculator (one that's native to Windows), FriedBabelfish (language translator), and Phonetic are the office applications on my hard drive.  
Jarte has buttons and links that open reference applications on the internet and on my computer. For example the button for dictionary opens K-Meleon browser; its homepage an online dictionary. I have configured buttons and links in Jarte to open reference sources from law to World Factbook of the CIA on the internet and on my hard drive.

Press Control and right click a word in the Jarte word processor, web page, or any text application and WordWeb springs forth with its definition. WordWeb has an internal browser to connect to online dictionaries; it also has a link to open Mobysaurus.

SeaMonkey supports multiple homepages. I chose my four blogs and Google search:   
http://home.comcast.net/~xyxx1/site/?/blog/ as the home pages.

SeaMonkey has built in Spam Filter, similar to Thunderbird's, Translate Page,  Cookie Manager, Image Manager, Popup Manager, Password Manager, and Add on Manager; further enhancements are added with extensions such as Session Manager, Cert Viewer Plus, IE View, Scribefire, NoScript, and BetterPrivacy. These are the ones I chose for my way of work.

The add-on Scribefire, a full featured blog editor, makes is easy to post to blogs. BetterPrivacy manages Flash cookies which can hold more information than regular cookies and most folk don't know about them. Some sites use them to track you on the internet. BetterPrivacy is available for Firefox and Flock. Flock can use some Firefox extensions.

I get email from multiple boxes, twelve,  into SeaMonkey mail, so that they seem only one. Two are personal boxes, one for kin, kith, and friends, and the other for personal business, and they get no spam; two are public, the only ones that get significant spam, but are heavily defended. The others are for tech publications, literary, and other categories -  very little spam.
I carry with an office on an usb drive when I travel; it has portable 7-Zip, ClamWin antivirus, convert (converts units of measure), FileAssasin (deletes difficult files), Google Chrome browser, Jarte word processor, Password Safe (encrypted database of passwords), ProcessExplorer, RootkitRevealer (rootkit detector), SeaMonkey, SpyDLLRemover (spyware detector), and TCPView (reveals internet processes).

I carry a second usb drive with antispyware, anti rootkit, antivirus, and system  and internet utilities. I use a third for storage; although I plan to install some Linux flavor operating system on it someday for its enhanced security.

My mobile phone has a browser. I  check email, search, and browse during travel;  I send text messages and image messages.

There is no need to clog my hard drive with applications; the internet is my office,  with file cabinet. It works at home and when I travel. 

I await a SeaMonkey Mini for my phone. I use Opera Mini now.   

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