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Val Avery

I saw Val Avery during the fifties and sixties on the television shows my family watched. Then later I saw him in movies, some good, some great, and some movies not so good, but he always gave a notable performance. He appeared on The Mod Squad, Naked City, Peter Gunn, The Circle Theater, the venerable Hallmark Hall of Fame, Have Gun Will Travel, Tales of Wells Fargo, and Gunsmoke. I saw more productions with him in them than any of the stars during my youth, and that was my introduction to him one afternoon in the Head. He was neighborhood, a guy, friendly, and humane - funny too.

He was among my favorite notables from the first and second cohorts of the Head.

Even after the Lion's Head died for the last time, I saw Val occasionally through the years.

I still see him on television. If there was a search function on cable to search by actor, there would every day probably be a series or movie with Val Avery. I will miss him, and not miss him unless cable dies.

He is my favorite character actor.

He is my favorite actor.

He was a nice, friendly man who could play a thug. His humanity was gangster. Yep.


What do we do?

What do we do with the people who use their wealth, power, and their desire for more wealth to thwart our efforts to solve the climate change problem?

What do we do when the world's populations are suffering and dying?

Do we confiscate their wealth to give aid to the millions, maybe billions, that suffer the consequences of greedy power monger's human action.?

Or do we take something of greater value?

Humane Society's IHOP campaign

IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, in Huntsville, Alabama is my favorite eating place. I meet friends there. One friend and I usually eat there together once a month. The waiters are friendly and competent; the manager always ready to right any mistake in a friendly, homespun manner. I have a habit of eating one item, the same item each time. I order the spinach omelet; of course, you get pancakes. Their coffee is okay. This is a good evaluation from someone who grinds his own beans and makes coffee in a French Press at home. I drink my coffee black no sweetener.

Now I have the knowledge from many sources, including Bill Maher who I respect, that IHOP gets its eggs from a source that crowds the hens into tiny filthy space shared with other hens. That the conditions are dirty and cramped is asserted by the Humane Society. They back their assertions with facts.

I have a personal relationship with an Ihop here in Huntsville, Alabama; they are friendly an respectful to me and my friends.
I called the IHOP customer line -
866-444-5144 -
this morning to state my concerns and hope that they would switch to eggs from cage free hens. The woman who answered, though not belligerent, was adversarial. She stated that experts disagreed on how livestock was to be treated. She had not had her coffee this morn.

I am upset mainly for the inconvenience. I have to find another coffee shop to eat out in.

Visit the Humane Society's computers for more information.

Understand, it is not only the humane treatment of the egg laying hens; dirty conditions introduce the possibility of disease. I want to eat in a place where the sources of livestock are clean and humane. I don't want to worry about possible poisoning.

Call them and protest if you agree.

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