"doubt belief"


If dead is non existence

If dead is non existence, then we were dead twice: once before conception; once after we die. 

Enjoy this short time; it's fun, even the bad times are fun.

I'm either profound or silly.

I like the sound of my own sillybles.

Politics begins in the body, its rights,
deity given, supernatural, or natural, according to your personal beliefs.

The result the same, there are rights each individual possesses. No one or aggregate  may rescind these rights.

No woman can, even a majority of women, can righteously deny these rights to the individual woman.
That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow.

Good politics may call this statement of Hillel its ancestor.

I prefer silly.

(I am not a feminist, but have this lingo logic. Man is in the word woman, woman is not in man. Seems logical to use woman for human kind. That’s political too, but not feminist. I use actor for women and men in that profession.)

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