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I never knew Meryl Streep beautiful

I watch many movies with her in them, but never knew she looks beautiful. How can you see an actor as a beauty when she's so damn good; the character remains in memory, not the actor? You read credits, you read her name,  and realize, say Ms Streep is great; although you dont remember Ms Streep, you remember her character in the movie.

Some good actors, you watch their technique and enjoy. I tried that with her, always get lost and find I'm in the movie. She's a magician; she misdirects you into the movie with her talent.

I saw a picture of her today, not outtake from a movie, not a celebrity shot, and she only has the makeup her ma and pa gave her.

She's drop
down fine.

Afraid that revelation spoil her movies for me I watched Music of the Heart and
The Iron Lady and became aware of her only while I read the credits.

She possesses or characters possess her so precisely you dont see her beauty, but the character's.

I have that one picture of you, Ms Steep so I know you're fine.  Fine, with talent, smart, sexy, but you dont show you in movies.

I got the evidence. I got one picture.

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